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Mr. Kitchen is driven to create, not just the hearth but the heart of your home. A place where you cook food and make memories, sure to inspire each member of the house, to revel in culinary expertise and experiments alike.

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we have perfected the art of crafting premium modular kitchens that bring the family together. We build a kitchen from the scratch by carefully understanding all your requirements and finding optimum solutions to the same. The outcome is a place where you break away from the daily chores, come together and stir up moments in an elegant, convenient & comfortable setup.

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Kitchen Platforms Categories

L Shaped

These kitchens have two platforms meeting at 90 degrees, giving it the L shape. They use less space than a C or G-shaped` kitchen are as good functionally, with adjacent walls meeting to give storage options.

U or C Shaped

These provide ample storage on 3 sides, movement space, and a large work-top – and are suitable for kitchens with walls 8 ft apart minimum.


Using two parallel walls of the kitchen, this kitchen divides into two sections with 4 ft of optimal space between the two counters for free movement. They provide the ease of having all appliances near you or within your reach.


Perfect for open kitchens and dining rooms, these kitchens have enough space for even 2-3 people to cook together. They provide more storage and preparation space, allowing great functionality, and attractive looks.

DCBA Approach

Detailed Customer

We understand your needs, storage habits, special cultural requirements and lifestyle with careful attention to what will serve you best


Once we understand what you’re looking forward to, we put your convenience at the forefront. The objective is to meet your expectations and also go the extra mile in making your life easier.


With your expectations and convenience in mind, our best efforts are put into design and the estimated budget to realise your dream kitchen.


The penultimate step is to plan the perfect modular kitchen with stunning aesthetics. The end goal being, your happiness and a fabulous kitchen.

Why Mr. Kitchen?

Best of European design and innovation for your home

Big kitchen experience & convenience even in
small spaces

Wide range of futuristic appliances, hardware & fittings

Stunning aesthetics to suit every home

Quality Standardisation & excellent finish for a seamless appearance

Enhance the beauty of your kitchen Immensely

Attractive and Affordable Modern Designs

Best Unique Designs with Extra Storage

Happy Kitchens Delivered!


Client Testimonials

We want a new kitchen which is a mix of Traditional, Modern, & sober in design. We came to know about Mr. Kitchen and then we met Mr. Rajesh and his team who listen to our thoughts and ideas which we have in our minds. After a few brainstorming sessions, we came up with a final kitchen design concept that matches our lifestyle. Like in our Marwari family we cook lots of food and for lot many people, so we want a kitchen which inspires the chef to cook a meal with love & happiness. “Every woman has a dream kitchen and that dream has been fulfilled by Mr. Kitchen”. Thank you, Mr. Rajesh and his team for making our dream come true kitchen.
Dr. Sushil & Saroj Lunawat's, Pune
We have a family of five and our home is a dream House for which we need an open kitchen. My Daughter loves baking and cooking so mainly this kitchen is meant for her where we could spend time together. After a lot of research and time investment with other companies, we choose Mr. Kitchen, because they have multiple designs and fabric options which I liked. The experience with Mr. Kitchen was fantastic from the start to the end. The execution was spotless without any hassle and completely stress-free for the customer. Also under the cost front, I feel Mr. Kitchen is quite competitive and reasonable from the customer’s perspective and I definitely recommended going ahead with Mr. Kitchen for everyone. Thank you.
Mrs. Poonam Chaudhary, Pune
My ideal kitchen is where my husband, children, and I can enjoy cooking. I went to a lot of kitchen designers but I was not convinced by their designs and thoughts. I don’t want any L shape, C shape, or U shape rather those, I was looking for something interesting and different where cooking is fun and who so ever comes in the kitchen shouldn’t feel bored he should feel fresh and good. Each and every kind of requirement of mine had been fulfilled by Mr. Kitchen. Their services and quality are really good, they have used A++ grade material everywhere without compromising on any part of the kitchen.
Sonali & Pankaj Chhajed, Pune

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